Monday, 26 November 2012

View from a bridge

Our river is several lakes linked by fast flowing water: all very exciting so long as your house is safe and you're not trying to go anywhere! The village and his wife were all out to look.
I'm heading east to visit friends in Abbotts Ann and then Hove. I shall be away overnight and am hoping for kind weather. Husband and Youngest were making "how will we cope", "what will we eat", "who's making the sandwiches" mutterings as they left for school this morning.


libby said...

Are you all still dry? did the boys starve while you were away? hope you had a good time.

hausfrau said...

We are now frozen, not wet. Better I think!
The family had neither killed one another nor starved, and I had a very good catch up with two old friends. Recharged batteries much needed as I rush around doing the chores that never go away!