Saturday, 1 December 2012

Welcome home

I'm rather pleased with this, completed on Thursday.

Husband has gone to fetch Eldest home from university - yes, she's finished her first term already! I haven't actually killed the fatted calf, but there is marzipan cake for tea, pizza for supper and a leg of lamb to roast tomorrow: all her favourites.

The Advent Calendar Fairy has done her work just in time and Eldest's bedroom is sorted, so now I just need to try and bring order to Youngest's spreading possessions before they all get home this afternoon. Bye!


libby said...

My 'baby' is home from Uni., - it is fabulous to have them back isn't it? I make her favourites soppy are we?

Curry Queen said...

I'm glad I'm not alone in making favourite foods when the wanderer returns. And I'm not above using them to tempt him home when it's cold and he's skint! Lovely box Jay!

sensibilia said...

It's great to be mum again and make all the things they love to eat. All the more appreciated after a first term at uni!

hausfrau said...

It occurs to me that this will go on forever - my mother still makes my favourites when I visit, and my brothers cannot have birthdays without a very particular chocolate cake!