Friday, 16 November 2012

It's good to talk - and walk

Last Saturday I went up to London to meet up with five other ‘girls’ from my year, my house, and other ‘old girls’, for lunch at Quaglino’s. I had met all 'my lot' in the last five years, but one of our number hadn’t seen any of the others since 1977. We had such a good time catching up and reminiscing.

Practicenurse and I met in 1969 when I went to the school (I still hate that she’d been boarding there since she was 5); GP joined us in 1970 which was also when Earlyyearsteacher came to school. Schoolfriend (and Youngest’s Godmother, owner of one of my chairs) came in 1973 and we’ve kept in close touch ever since. And Ladyflautist came in 1974. I left for sixth form in a boys’ school, the others stayed. That we went from four to eleven over a longish period, but at a formative time, seems to have resulted in very strong bonds despite years of not meeting up. We were all remarkably like ourselves, both in character and appearance. We didn’t stop talking, and I think we only managed to break up because no one was leaving alone.
I stayed with Schoolfriend overnight. We had a girly evening in front of the TV, did some useful work sorting her bedroom now the carpet’s been laid – I’m a dab hand at hanging curtains as you might expect – and took a walk in her local park before I returned home to cook a roast dinner. (No one had starved in my absence.)
This Sunday we will take a walk and a pub lunch with a gang of Husband’s Gunner friends, made at Staff College when in their early thirties – a different sort of bond, but just as strong!


libby said...

It is lovely to hear that you had such a good time and that you picked up where you left off as it were...and that you all looked and sounded the same!.how comforting that would be I imagine....I visited Quaqlinos once over twenty years ago and remember feeling a bit awkward..restaurants in London were not my usual sound like you had good fun.....enjoy your lunch.

janicebotterill said...

what a great weekend - it's always good to catch up with friends, old or new. Remind me where Quaglino's is?

hausfrau said...

The Somerford Arms was very pleasing - the walk extremely muddy!
Quaglino's is in Bury Street, Mayfair. We were mostly casually smart - I wore my best jeans.

Young at Heart said...

wow....memories are made of that!!