Wednesday, 19 August 2009

What shall I do

Blogging is a secret, guilty addiction. At least, surfing them is. Writing them is something I think about but am never convinced I have something as interesting to say as that which I have read.. Did anyone else listen to Stephen Fry on pronunciation and correct English? (No one will answer because, as I said, this is a private space where no one else visits.) So long as I resist the temptation to comment on anyone's writing, no one will find me. So what's the point?

I'm not entirely sure, but it's partly about wanting to write something, anything, and partly a place to put ideas and think about whether they're any good. Like everyone I hope there's a book in me somewhere, but I've never got beyond a short story or two. I originally thought I could write something interesting about the life of an old fashioned sort of stay at home wife, but I find that I can't offer tips about housewifely chores because they're not something I get around to much. Not convinced about cooking tips either, though friends have suggested I could give chutney and jam lessons. Apparently there is the possibility of earning some money doing this? Or, more appealing to me (in that I at least have some qualifications in it), sewing lessons.

The next big thing, now that we're all growing our own food, ought to be making our own clothes, or at least mending the ones we've got. Make do and Mend. How to use your sewing machine. Mending for beginners.

I wonder where you would start? Business plan I guess...