Friday, 30 March 2012

End of term


Spanishgirl has been and gone. She was easy to have but I felt the absence of Spanish in the family: perhaps our lack was her gain as she spoke much more English than our earlier French visitors. Youngest was put under strain: Spanishgirl lives in Madrid and Youngest found it difficult to explain our country slow lane life! But our trip to London went down well with everybody - yes, even  the art heathens among us loved the trip to see the Hockney exhibition! - and a hanging out and paddling in the river evening with a little gang of girls was deemed the 'most fun'. They had to make more flapjack and she took home the recipe.

I have made a cushion for the Church Fete raffle (I was instructed to make red white and blue but in a Kath Kidson style).

And I have made progress with the new chair (but not with the old ones). 

It's the end of term and we are off to Dorset tomorrow for an even quieter bit of country life.


Thecurateswife said...

It seems like everyone was in London!

projectforty said...

we, too, were very conscious of the comparison between madrid and wiltshire but I think anything different is a novelty - much better to go to a bustling city from here than a Spanish/French version of the same.

A Time for Stitching said...

Your cushion is lovely. I hope you made one for yourself too because I imagine it would be difficult to part with it!
The chair's looking good, such a work of patience - I can almost imagine the finished thing now.
Teresa x

Crayon said...

You are wonderful to host exchange students! I, on the other hand, am not wonderful in that way. The "hanging out and paddling in the river evening" sounds most fun to me, too. Adorable cushion-and you know what I think of that chair! Have fun in Dorset!

Curry Queen said...

I am so impressed by (and envious of) your upholstery skills!

Young at Heart said...

Upholstery?? How utterly brilliant my friend in France can do all those textile related gorgeous and so clever!!