Sunday, 18 March 2012

Being a Happy Mother

I may not be doing well at keeping an interesting and informative commentary on the life of this hausfrau, but I have had a busy week:

I have turned 10 sad, pilled cushion covers into 5 revamped ones for  Friendwithmatchinggirls for a small fee.

I have cleaned and tidied the bits of the house that show for a fete meeting on Friday and a supper party last night; making apple and walnut muffins for one and liver parfait, beetroot and orange soup, chocolate, chilli and walnut braised beef and an iced raspberry soufflé in a chocolate case for the other.

I have bought fabric for my new upholstery project, finished stripping back the chair so I could mend the springs and started the refurbishing task.

Oh, and I’ve promised the chair to Oldschoolfriend for the cost of the components. She has just embarked on a major upgrade of her house and is feeling down at the enormity of the disturbance to her home which is such that it makes relaxing at the end of the day impossible.

Today I have received cards from my girls and rather different rewards for being their mother: Youngest gave me two bars of chocolate that she’s rather hoping I’ll share and deigned to provide quality time by helping me to clean and tidy (her mess from) the room in which her Spanish Exchange student will be sleeping come Thursday. Eldest, on the other hand, has taken over the kitchen today. We were given eggy bread with fried apples followed by ginger and pear muffins for brunch; are shortly to be called to treacle soda bread and honey for tea and are to be treated this evening to a three course supper that she has been planning all week!


Fran said...

I really think you should be doing more.

Sarah said...

I want an invitation to dinner!

I hope your daughter's dinner last night was a success. It sounds like she has a good role model!

hausfrau said...

Ah, Fran, just trying to keep up with the Lent plan of no idleness, I shall lapse back very soon.

Eldest did us proud! We had cheese straws, fried, marinaded chicken with a roast pepper salad and new potatoes with parsley pesto and peas followed by chocolate creme brulee! (I have scoured the griddle pan and the hob this morning, but you can't have everything and I'd probably be disappointed if she didn't need me at all!)

A Time for Stitching said...

Ha son doesn't cook for us at home very often, despite being a chef, but when he does I seem to have twice as much clearing up to do. It's still worth it though to have a meal cooked for us.
I made our dinner yesterday (son was helping cook dinner for other people's mothers :-) I was happy to have daughter join us for the day though.
You certainly manage to cram a lot of work into a short post, and an equally short week!
Teresa x