Saturday, 11 June 2011

Visit London!

Now what shall we tell I’m Crayon to do in London when she’s only over for a week?
She’s staying in Grosvenor Square, which sounds pretty posh to me, and on the doorstep of everything. (She’s already in the country so it may well be too late, but she may check in!)

If you can run to a show of some sort I’m sure you ought to see something. I don’t think it matters whether it’s theatre, ballet, opera or a concert, but see something you should! London will offer you food from pretty much anywhere in the world so you must make sure to eat something specifically local even if it’s only a full English breakfast; or perhaps a cream tea, given the time of year.
And walk the streets! Take a tube certainly, because they’re unique, but just connecting places and people-watching on foot is fun. (And you probably need a ride in a black cab just so you can say you have been in one.) At least one of the parks: Regent’s to see roses or the zoo – or the open air theatre is a great outing if there’s something on when you visit. Or Hampstead Heath perhaps; it’s further out but the views from the top of Parliament Hill are terrific and it’s lovely to wander around. You could combine it with a trip to Camden Lock to look at the market which I wrote about in an earlier post.
I always love Covent Garden: heaving with tourists, but buzzing with interesting shops, street entertainers and eateries.
At least one art gallery too. Depends whether you like art as to which one! I prefer a museum myself: the Victoria and Albert, as it happens, because I love the costumes. When I was a student I spent hours wandering around looking at the furniture and judging everything on whether or not I’d give it houseroom. But the National Gallery can be ticked off at the same time as Trafalgar Square, Horse Guard’s, Parliament, Admiralty Arch, Buckingham Palace and the Changing of the Guard. I think they’re essential and traditional! (I'm rather hoping you may have managed the Trooping of the Colour today.) You’ll be exhausted, but you can walk between all of those easily.

I love London. I lived in Woolwich for a couple of years (twice) with my parents, and then in Highbury, Islington, as a student at the London College of Fashion. My parents now live in their own home in south east London (they might tell you it used to be Kent). They reckoned it was a good place to settle as we’d always want to visit Town: they were right! I still get a buzz from central London despite my love of my present, rural life.

It may well be too late for I’m Crayon, but I rather enjoyed thinking about what to tell her. Hope she had fun!


I'm Crayon said...

So glad I have access to a computer in the hotel so I got to check in! Thanks so much for the suggestions and I actually know what you're referring to, for the most part! This hotel is posh-I'm more of a lodge type but it's a nice treat. We went to the National Gallery today and went to Hampstead-so charming-and ate at The Holly Bush. I'm afraid I'd weigh 200 lbs if I lived here! I'd just have to walk everywhere-no tube!-to work it off! We're planning at least 2 shows, Covent Garden, the British Museum. I"d like to tour the Drury Lane Theatre. Thanks again for taking the time to post suggestions! Gives me some new things to add. I'll pop back in and let you know what else we're up to.

hausfrau said...

Glad to hear the weather's not damping your enthusiasm, 'though the south east's s'posed to be dryer than most other places. And glad I posted regardless of missing the deadline! What do I need to explain?!

I'm Crayon said...

So far, so good! Although you could explain how there doesn't seem to be any DUST over here! And the tube is so clean! I also have no idea what time it is after 12 noon or what the temperature is. Weather's been beautiful the last 2 days-so lucky after the first day. Thanks again for all the suggestions! Will let you know what all we managed to fit in-TOO much to see and do!

hausfrau said...

I don't know what can have happened to the dust - unless it's been dampened down by rain - there's usually plenty! And I'm trying to think about time in the USA.. is it that you have a 24 hour clock or that we do?! When on holiday time doesn't matter.. nor temperature - I think you use F and we (now) use C?! - so long as you're warm enough.

I'm Crayon said...

We do the AM/PM thing with the clock, but you're right, it doesn't matter when you're on vacation! We've had a great time-done lots of the touristy things: Tower of London, British Museum, Westminster Abbey. My favorite was the tour of the Drury Lane Theatre! Hit the Borough Market this morning, lots of pubs and had our anniversary dinner at Wild Honey. Food was yummy! Had a full English breakfast, went to Covent Garden, loved the National Gallery, but didn't get to go to the Victoria and Albert museum and I wanted to. We ran out of time-a week is NOT long enough! Have to head home already tomorrow. Thanks again for your interest and suggestions!