Wednesday, 9 March 2011


You will remember that the family computer and Husband’s camera have been failing to speak to one another with the resultant lack of pictures on my blog of late, but as you can see I have news! No, it’s not that the new computer is up and running and that I am now the sole owner of the old one, but that my camera (a gift from Father) thought it would interface, and waiting for my computer seemed endless. So, herewith a quick catch-up:

The present state of the upholstery project:
Corfe Castle, our half-term walk’s end, and Youngest’s idea of heaven:

Graduating success:

We’ve just had a weekend visiting family in London. A walk on Hampstead Heath with their new and exuberant dog, a wander around Camden Lock soaking up the atmosphere (with grumpy teens who “haven’t any money”) and the British Museum. We all found something to enjoy:
A shop that seemed to be more of a style statement! They were shooing people away who tried to take photos, the shop assistants/bouncers had their faces made up as cybermen (think modern Dr.Who)… I wonder if the BBC knows?
Eldest and I loved the jewelry and cigarette boxes, these are diamond and ruby buttons - what's not to like?
Husband loved the Elgin marbles (they’re not called that, presumably in the hope that all the foreign visitors won’t notice, though reading about them you wonder if they’d exist at all if he, Elgin, hadn’t ‘pinched’ them).


Fran said...

Nice pictures, and you sound like you've had some lovely days out. Corfe Castle was the obligatory 'school trip' when our kids were at school so we're very familiar with it!

Perpetually In Transit said...

Lovely pictures from lovely trips, haudfrau. The Youngest's idea of heaven looks like death to teeth and hips :-)

I'm Crayon said...

What a fun time! (For a minute I thought you meant that Corfe Castle was Youngest's idea of heaven, then saw the next pic of yumminess.) Finally getting to visit London this summer for our anniversary-very excited!

projectforty said...

Am intrigued by the upholstery, inspired by Corfe Castle, envious of the hot chocolate and delighted by the graduation. Am off to London on Tuesday so will get my pavement fix for the month. Can't wait.

hausfrau said...

I love Corfe Castle, but I'm also grateful for my National Trust membership which means I don't have to visit for long. When you've been visiting at least twice a year for twenty you're only really interested in what's changed, and the view!
Youngest is (just) young enough to have no interest in diet and continues to eat large quantities of junk regardless.
Part of me is envious of the idea of a first trip to London: so much to discover! You'll get more suggestions of what to do than you can shake a stick at I'm Crayon! Like Projectforty I think of trips there as a fix..

I'm Crayon said...

Would LOVE suggestions, although we probably already have enough to do if we stayed 2 months! I can't even say the word "London" around my parents unless I happen to have a spare hour! They just love talking about how much fun they have there.