Monday, 20 June 2011

Rain altered plans

I’ve little to report from my corner of Wiltshire, busy but not blog-inspiring.

The village fete was a great fundraiser but not quite the party it usually is – apparently the first time it had rained on the night in 30 years! Since then I’ve been sorting leftovers and thanking helpers and trying to make headway in the house- and garden-tidying stakes: both somewhat neglected in favour of fete business, and I had friends coming to supper on the patio on Saturday evening.
I like planning ‘proper’ food. It’s not that I don’t make from scratch for the family, it’s that they all have their own particular likes and dislikes so that the variety of cooking required (or that I can be bothered with) is dull… I like thinking about what’s in season, what I can serve for free from the allotment, and what will go together nicely without anyone feeling hungry or over-stuffed at the end of the evening. Cooking for the family is also seasonal, but by the time Youngest's objected to vegetables, Husband to lack of joined up meat and Eldest to sauce that isn't ketchup....
We went with Plan B since, as last weekend, it rained. We ate indoors surrounded by still dripping flowers retrieved from the garden. It was fun!

So, in the absence of words I bring you highlights from My Garden:


A Time for Stitching said...

The rain seems to be taking the edge off a lot of events recently. It rained on our Music Festival weekend for the first time in its 6 years of running. At least it's freshening up the gardens. Love your photos - your pond looks a little like one at the Lost Gardens of Helligan!
Teresa x

I'm Crayon said...

Ooooh, your pond is lovely! And I sympathize with the cooking for family dilemma. Daughter prefers a vegetarian diet and son's self-described simple food philosophy is "No brussel sprouts and it has to have meat in it."

projectforty said...

What did you cook in the end? Delicious, I bet. I've had a stir-fry week so far. Not proper cooking but a change from the usual. I wish my garden looked like yours!

Verification = cratess (did you find a home for your boxes of books?)

hausfrau said...

The pond gives us great pleasure. None of the garden can stand any sort of closer scrutiny: the weeds too are enjoying the rain and the grass edges need sorting.
Twice baked cheese souffles, herby crusted salmon, gooseberry and almond tart with gooseberry ice-cream - thought of photographing it but decided that was too sad (and difficult to do without being spotted by the family!). Girls ate pizza and optional salad.
A cratess! The books are still here 'though I did lose some to Oxfam...