Thursday, 6 May 2010

Vote now!

She has gone. Youngest is exhausted from the constant company, but they have had fun together. They got a lot of practice of vocabulary playing Uno using a Duplo train set to pass the cards! Lots of giggles. They enjoyed one another’s company, but there is no let up, no space. Youngest missed her chill out time prostrate in front of the TV scoffing yoghurt or biscuits between meals.

And I have a new friend with whom it has been fun exercising my school-girl French via e-mail. Nuance is a very tricky thing, and translation via a dictionary isn’t always what you meant to say! We are working on exchanging our big girls once they’re through their exams…

I have always voted. I don’t take my vote for granted! Women went through hell to get the vote for me, and I shouldn’t waste it. But what if it is wasted?
It seems that we are being asked to vote for who we’d like to be Prime Minister, not which party we’d like to be in charge. I fear we’ve got what we deserve: none of the political classes can say anything from the heart. It might be right, it might be wrong, but it will still be news and they’re bound to offend someone whatever they say. If they’re not spinning for themselves, they’re being spun by the opposition or the media.
Tomorrow will be interesting! I wonder if anyone will win?
I have performed my civic duty: I've voted anyway.


Gill said...

I too consider it important to exercise my democratic responsibility. Went out there before the rain started this morning and joined a queue to place my cross in (I hope) the right box.

We can do no more!

countrymummy said...

Me too - got my vote in. I'm going back to the student life so I hope whoever gets in will be nice to me during my studies.

Me from afar said...

I voted too but opted out of a queue and did postal.
Couldn't bring myself to stay up all night for the results which lets face it, we all predicted.