Thursday, 13 May 2010


Looks like they’re going to try and play nicely after all. I don’t suppose the media will help that last.

Yesterday Husband and I went shopping. Five years ago, when it became clear he needed civilian shirts and suitable attire for dress down Fridays in his then job, we went shopping for chinos, cords and stripy shirts. This time we bought jeans and casual trousers suitable for being a current student and a future student teacher. Of course we still needed stripy shirts and a tie or two that doesn’t have military meaning. (Army officers can find one another even out of uniform!) As Husband wisely remarked, and with some relief, we won’t need to go shopping again for another five years.

The apple blossom looks promising for a bumper crop - and pretty too.


countrymummy said...

We're averaging a marital shopping trip once every two years. I prefer the coffee stops to the trouser buying.

Only Me said...

I'm not sure we ever go on a marital clothes shopping trip - can you tell?!

hausfrau said...

We only do marital shopping trips for male clothing. Husband has a very low boredom threshold and taking him along on a shopping trip is just not worth it! And he doesn't do coffee stops as they add to the length of the expedition! Almost all other items that require his opinion have to be researched physically by me or on line. Otherwise spending decisions are mine and he can't criticise since he takes no interest! (Well it's a theory anyway.) As for not going on such trips, how could you tell? I may stop the worst sartorial disasters but I couldn't possibly take credit (or anything else) for his ensembles!