Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Play nicely?

What I feel they need is a Mummy to bang their heads together!
The election has been notable for its lack of women, and the resultant ‘our party’s better than yours’ seems to be the inevitable consequence. Where are those compromising women to pour oil on troubled waters? The electorate may have got what it wished for, a hung parliament, but they can’t have understood that would mean this ridiculous muddle surely? And having made us think we were indeed electing a leader for the country the politicians are now going to look madder than ever if we end up with someone who didn’t take part in the leadership debates. I know that, constitutionally, it’s perfectly normal for the MPs to decide on their leader, but that won’t stop it seeming like the PM is ‘unelected’, as indeed the present incumbent knows to his cost!
I seem to be glued to Radio 4 even more closely than usual.


Sarah said...

There have been some very scathing articles in the newspapers about what's going on and the despicable behaviour of Clegg.

You're right though, they need their heads banging together. Where's Maggie when we need her?!!

Gill said...

I couldn't agree more!