Monday, 23 June 2008

Weather or not...

The garden looked lovely: grass mowed, edges trimmed, roses deadheaded and the geraniums flowering their socks off. The patio was swept and chairs placed on the lawn. Nibbles ready to go, stefados in the oven, salads displayed in pretty bowls, oranges sliced and marinading in brandy, chocolate cream inverted onto a serving plate successfully and the Almond and Apricot cake freshly baked. Even the Pimms was mixed in a jug and we'd taste tested the result.

Sadly the weather hadn't taken any notice of our plans! We made our guests come into the garden through the back gate so they could admire our new pond (the excuse for a party), but had to promise that when everyone had arrived we'd go inside if it was still raining. It was, and we did. Thank goodness half the people we'd invited were away and couldn't come or the change of venue would have been more problematic. Very English to stand around at midsummer sporting umbrellas we agreed.

Sunday was windy but glorious: we had a lovely picnic in the gardens at Stourhead.

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