Friday, 20 June 2008

Planning the day

Eldest has a TD day today and wants to make the most of a day without her sister, due home this evening from her school trip. Always a dilemma: how to spoil one without putting the others nose out of joint.

It's been an odd week without the baby of the family. The ballet runs are simpler when I don't have to take into account whether Husband is home or when Youngest needs taking/collecting from her activities. And I don't need to negotiate supper choices to minimise the variations in meal provision! We had a postcard from Wales on Wednesday: she was fine and the food was OK but please could she have a chicken stir fry when she gets home. It's great to be appreciated once in a while.

Woke up far too early today and the brain immediately kicked in thinking about food preparation for Saturday night, and the weather forecast (which is dire), and which plates to use, and whether to do buffet style or formal sitdown and what time Youngest will be home....

My days are generally fairly fluid with a variety of fixed activities around the edges: Eldest leaves the house at 8.10am for the bus, and Youngest is walked to school at 8.25. She's collected at 3.05 and her sister arrives home at about 4pm. What happens next depends on the day: Mondays there's Guides and Ballet, Tuesdays there's Cycling Proficiency and Ballet, Wednesdays there's swimming, and Thursdays there's drums and Tap and Ballet. I love Fridays when there are no clubs!

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