Wednesday, 18 June 2008


I have just been to Salisbury's. Supermarket shopping is not on my list of favourite things: I hate trying to think of meals, the trolley always ends up too full, and the contents multiply on the checkout so that they don't fit back into the trolley once you've paid for them... BUT

Generally I do my shopping on line, with just top-up items as and when needed from wherever I happen to be. Today's delivery was due between 10 and 11 this morning and I was looking forward to a day of cooking for a supper party on Saturday night (my sort of cooking). As I made a coffee contemplating the fun ahead the phone rang. A very apologetic lady from Salisbury's to tell me their website has been down all night and is still not fixed. The stores have lost their orders, and they won't be coming! She was suitably sorry and has promised a £10 e-voucher, but I needed the shopping today, and there was no guarantee they would be able to deliver before the weekend even if I could re-order. So I've been shopping in the real and actual store. Can't remember the last time I did a 'proper' shop. I confess I quite enjoyed the drama, but I'll be back on the net for next weeks shop!

I'm planning various nibbly things to go with Pimms; a Greek style beef stew, a Thai style chicken salad with couscous; and something chocolate and orange for pudding. Looking forward to playing in the kitchen, 'though I expect I'd better think about tonight's supper first.

Eldest will be home from school soon. I bought us macaroons since I was in store: you can't get them from the bakery on line for some reason. Perhaps when we've eaten tea we'll make a cake. She's a keen cook, planning to take the subject for GCSE. A life skill whatever she does in my book. (You didn't do cooking at my school unless you were in the bottom stream: mad!)

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