Thursday, 28 April 2016


I've signed up for Me Made May, though I've failed to master the technology for adding a widget. If you're interested in finding out more about it you could visit the sozowhatdoyouknow blog which is on my 'places I like to visit' list.
The object of the challenge (not competition) is to encourage those of us who make clothes, to wear them more often. I've always sewn, but what I've sewn has rather depended on circumstances. As a teenager I made clothes because it was cheaper to make than buy (those were the days!), but later I made posh clothes for special occasions (more affordable when you consider the one off nature of the occasion) and work clothes. I worked in factories where I was required to wear a suit, but didn't fancy spoiling an expensive outfit on the shop floor. Now I live in jeans and T-shirts all day, every day, so get value for money from their purchase.
So, for my challenge, I've decided I will not only try to wear at least one item of clothing that I have made or refashioned each day in May, but I will endeavour to break the jeans default and wear something else at least once a week!
You will know that I've not been here for a while. This is because I post on Instagram as a way of showcasing the work of myself and my students. I now teach sewing a couple of times a week so should probably cease to be hausfrau!
You could choose to come find me at where I write little but post photos regularly.

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