Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Where did the month go?

A catch up, possibly with pictures.. I write from Husband's new computer on a wireless link, 'my' computer is yet to be plugged in never mind connected to the wireless thingy. Yes, I know, I should just sort it out for myself, but a) I've no techy skills whatever, and b) I would be in very deep trouble if it went wrong and messed up this one! I'm sure he'll get there, not least because he doesn't want us "clogging up this computer like we did the old one".
Youngest's Just William Guide Camp went very well judging by the exhaustion of the participants - not to mention their general grubbiness. She even held an award ceremony at the end and presented certificates for such feats as 'Most interesting table manners' and 'Best den builder'. The planned mid-night camp-fire sing-song was moved to around 8pm because they were all a little bit afraid of the dark.
The weather in Spain was not quite as good as it was at home, but the welcome from Firstcousinonceremoved was enthusiastic and we packed in a great deal of sightseeing: Segovia, Madrid, San Lorenzo El Escorial, Picasso's Guernica, tapas, Easter parades (a sort of Live and Let Die style funeral march dressed in Klu Klux Klan outfits!) and a Palm Sunday service.
Home to some hasty planning for an Easter weekend visited by both sets of Grandparents and a stray Brotherinlaw. Youngest made place settings and Eldest a cake. (Pictures will have to follow as I can't find them anywhere on here!)
A couple of days of school and they were all off again for The Wedding. Youngest and I were pretty much glued to the telly - I needed to see all those frocks! Loved The Dress but threw abuse at the commentator who described it badly and failed to talk about where and by whom the fabrics were made; I've had to buy a paper to find out! The coverage was followed by a street party at our end of the village that was well supported and a bit of fun.
Yesterday we took my in-laws to Camden Town for a (younger) Brotherinlaw's 50th birthday lunch. A real treat in a private dining-room at the York and Albany.
That's it, life ought to be back to normal now.


projectforty said...

Where did you find enough detail about THE dress. I bought four papers on Saturday and haven't had time to read through them all!

Word verification is: calne (how local!)

hausfrau said...

I'm afraid it was more snippets from here and there, and not really 'enough' - I gather it is to go on display... But I needed to know that the lace was made at Hampton Court by the Royal College of Needlework or some such and NOT that it was 'French lace' as the nit wit on telly stated.

I'm Crayon said...

Thanks for the Just William Guide Camp update! Sounds like Youngest has just the skill set for success! Go ahead and brag that it's genetic if you like.

projectforty said...

Hello - just to let you know I've given you a Liebster blog award - for blogs with less than 100 followers! Enjoy.

hausfrau said...

Thank-you countrymummy, so excited I added the logo, now I'd better look and see what is expected of me!