Thursday, 7 April 2011

Bits and Bobs

I was allowed to watch Eldest’s last Grade 8 lesson last night – I don’t think I’ve been welcome since about Grade 4 and it was a huge pleasure! There are only three of them in the class and one was dancing at her school, so Traineedanceteacher’s father and I were the audience of a pretty exclusive show. Traineedanceteacher completed her A levels last year and is now training as indicated. Her dancing was beautiful and her ability to reach the floor in full splits and put her legs over her head was amazing. But Eldest could hold up her head with pride: she may not have achieved the extremes of her classmate, but her delivery of the steps, her expression of movement and grace were a delight for a proud mother to behold.

Youngest, meanwhile, is in the throws of organising a camping weekend for her and five littler guides. They will be camping in a garden in the village so there will be some grown-ups to hand if required, but the idea is for her to arrange the whole thing and make it through to Sunday with everyone in one piece. At 14 she doesn't drive so yesterday I helped collect tents, a chemical loo and a variety of other bits of camping equipment and deliver them to the site. I also have a hall (and a fridge) full of provisions. The theme is Just William and she plans to build dens, play outlaws in the woods and generally chill without adults! They’re cooking their own meals on a camp fire – bangers and baked potatoes one night and a veggie chilli the next. It’s ambitious, but she’s enthusiastic and believes it will be fun rather than any sort of problem… The forecast is promising.

I'd like to go and play in the garden, but I must make cake for a church fete meeting tomorrow and get ready for upholstery this afternoon. School holidays start this weekend so I may be away for a little while. How about you?

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I'm Crayon said...

It's wonderful having a daughter who dances, isn't it? Hope you let us know how the camping excursion went. What a great experience for her!