Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Mixed news

Last week I managed another swimming session (on top of the Pilates): 31 lengths in half an hour and not yet dead.
However I spent Sunday dying quietly, throwing up, with an immoveable headache. I thus cancelled yesterday’s Pilates session and my appointment in school, feeling both weak and wimpy and unwilling to spread unknown germs. In two days I had (eventually) eaten two pieces of dry toast and drunk endless water with the gradual addition of black tea and today coffee and porridge. Do you think my body would rather give up food than exercise?

Microsoft Word is trying to correct my use of ‘drunk’ to ‘drunken’ but as I had had a single small bottle of beer with my curry I think it’s wrong.

Also last week I made marmalade. (The link is here: marmalade recipe.) Hopefully there will be enough to keep Husband in breakfast jam of choice until next year, but as usual I will feel unable to donate any to the church fete just in case. (Is marmalade a jam?)

And my Upholstery class started up again. It isn’t true that I’ve forgotten all my lessons since early December, but it was a slow afternoon accomplishing not a great deal. When (?!) I can add photos I will show you what my sofa looks like now – and you might be able to tell that it will be a sofa again!

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projectforty said...

what a drag - being poorly is rotten - especially when you're trying to do such good things. Hope you're feeling better.