Tuesday, 8 February 2011


I have a pale mark on my eyelid. It isn’t a spot, and there’s no depth to it, it’s almost as if there were a light reflecting in it. I had an eye test the other day and was told I ought to visit my GP for a cholesterol test as such marks can be an indication of a raised level. Oh!

The test apparently did show that my cholesterol was high, but factoring in my family history, blood pressure and general health the GP felt my risk of an ‘event’ was low but I should think about my diet and exercise, and be tested again next year. So there you are: I knew I needed to do something about creeping weight gain and a sedentary life style, and now I have no option.
Last week’s score: 1 Pilates session and a v. short walk in the village, but I had an excuse. Must do better.


projectforty said...

good for you for taking the bull by the horns and getting sorted...there's always Zumba! That will get the heart racing. I sometimes think we should have a village 'fit' club!

hausfrau said...

I'm sure you're right! The ramblers are lovely but a walk once a month isn't going to keep us fit.