Friday, 5 July 2013

Prom frock

Ready to roll! It's tonight and she's going in a friend's father's Jaguar - hopefully it is a better plan than Eldest's fire-engine which was fun but late.


Sarah said...

What a lovely dress. My niece had her prom this week and I was amazed when I saw the photos at how inappropriate the dresses were. Many of the girls seemed to be dressed in the sort of long gowns their grandmothers would wear to a ball.

My niece was the only one in her group who looked age-appropriately dressed in a charming knee-length dress in white. There were what looked like large (well, size of a £1 coin) shiny circles on the strapless bodice and a swirly organza type skirt.

Curry Queen said...

LOVE the colour! and deeply envious of your talent as a seamstress.