Friday, 10 February 2012

Half-term report

This is as far as I’ve got. The amount of work involved in something so small seems ridiculous, however I think it will be pretty and it has the sentiment of having belonged to Granny. I have yet to work out how to put the bag part underneath it but I have every faith in my teacher’s ability to help me come up with a plan!
I’ve been to a matinee performance of The Calendar Girls in Bath this week: good fun; and held the first fete meeting – it’s in June…

If the weather allows we are traveling east tomorrow for a few days to catch up with my family.


SP said...

It's looking good! well done,


PS keep safe.

libby said...

I am very impressed...well done you!

Crayon said...

Such a wonderful shape! That you upholster impresses me no end. I have a semi-ghastly loveseat you could practice on!