Friday, 4 November 2011

Relief not panic

Youngest will go to Madrid, Spain this afternoon. It’s an exchange through school: we will have a Spanish girl to stay in March. There ought to be worry and perhaps panic; instead there is only relief!

We had an active half-term and did nothing you could call useful: a blustery walk to Old Harry’s Rocks, a trip to see a ridiculous film (The Three Musketeers, at which Youngest cheered and the rest of us laughed derisively), trawled the charity shops for items to be turned into three costumes for the school play, read the newspaper, fought over the puzzles, tidied the garden after the builders and before the greenhouse turns up…
And this week has been busy: school, tidying for Swedish visitors, altering aforementioned garments to make a day dress, beachwear and an evening gown that look vaguely 1920s, a coffee morning spent filling Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes, upholstery (still taking out staples!), and finding suitably British presents to send to Spain. Not to mention that ballet is back of course and Youngest has been out babysitting two nights, had two after school rehearsals for said school play (The Boyfriend) and been to Rangers – a bonfire party last night.

Let’s face it: the family has been through two French Exchanges, went to Madrid earlier this year and Youngest went to Switzerland in the summer. Sending Youngest to Spain to an unknown family in somewhat of a rush is just a relief all round that she’s off! Except that this is Youngest: when we got in the car to go to school this morning she burst into tears, and again when I left her there. She managed some watery laughter in between, and she will be fine, she will love the experience and get on with the Spanish family regardless. She is good at making friends.

When she went to France Husband had to actually go to put her on the bus (as opposed to them leaving from school). Stood waiting to wave her off the mummies around him were discussing the poor girl in bits on the coach and how they wouldn’t be sending her, they’d be whisking her home at once, it was just too cruel… I told her this story on the way this morning, it made her laugh because she’d had a wonderful time. She’ll be fine, and she’s back in a week, hardly worth tidying her room!


projectforty said...

I had to have a lie down reading all that! I hope she has a fabulous time and look forward to hearing all about it!

hausfrau said...

I've retired to the sofa!

I'm Crayon said...

You both have the right idea about the sofa. Puts my "busy" day today in better perspective! Encouraging them to be adventurous is such a gift!

Curry Queen said...

My daughter is off to France tomorrow for a French exchange - it's all been a bit fraught but (much like yours) she is good at making friends and will (I'm sure) have a fab time.

A Time for Stitching said...

My school put on 'The Boyfriend' when I was in the sixth form and I would've loved to have taken part. I got half-way to the auditions then turned around and chickened-out.
This post also reminds me of how upset my son used to get 'every day' when he went to school. The infant teacher used to drag him off me and I had to prise his fingers of my clothes. It was only during his last year at junior school that he didn't want me to walk him to the classroom door. He's so confident and outgoing now, you wouldn't know it was the same person!
Hope you get some time to relax soon!
Teresa x

hausfrau said...

Youngest says she misses us but is having a wonderful time: she's visited Toledo and Segovia and had a day at a theme park.. I'm not sure how this little corner of Wiltshire will compete!
I'm having a quieter week by not doing any of the things on my list...though only fielding one girl helps!