Friday, 1 July 2011

At last!

I finished my sofa yesterday and made a cushion before bedtime. It is in position at the foot of our bed, ready to be put in the sitting-room when we have need of extra seating.
It has taken 87 hours of work, £199.50 of tuition and approximately £150 of materials.
I had to bring it home at the end of term unfinished, and I'm not at all sure that my stitching and base lining are up to scratch, but I am thrilled to have finally completed the work and Husband has been very enthusiastic about my skills.. and I don't have to take it back and show the class do I?

I thought of reminding you of the original but decided anyone who wanted to look at all the photos could always hit the upholstery tag (I think that's how they work!). Less is more.


Sarah said...

Very impressive! Looks great from here.

I'm Crayon said...

Really--impressive barely begins to cover it! (Apologies for the pun...) I can't imagine tackling that project, and I have a nearly identical piece in the most dreadful stripe just begging for attention! You did a lovely job.

projectforty said...

Well done you - it looks beautiful and very professional. Hope to be invited to sit on it one day!

diney said...

I'm very impressed!!

hausfrau said...

You're all very kind: from a distance I am very proud!

Friko said...

How truly 'Hausfrau' - like. That is, as a Hausfrau used to be. I am not sure that many women would be able to pull off recovering a sofa.

Re you last post. We too had martins nesting under the eaves which those rotten sparrows have evicted. And now the sparrows have the nerve to sit above the nest and cheep the victory into the heavens.