Tuesday, 4 January 2011

New Year, New You?

No doubt my first post of the New Year should be about my resolutions: outlining them and then talking about just how bad I am at keeping them. But Woman’s Hour this morning provided an alternative subject. There was a woman on talking about her uniform project in which she had worn a little black dress every day for a year. The trick was in accessorising we were told, though during the interview it became clear that it was a pretty unique LBD that could be worn inside out and back to front... Still, a pretty neat idea!
And it got me thinking about uniform and how useful it is. I have other things to do than think of something to wear every day and generally get by accessorising a pair of jeans. This is not new: I’ve been in my current job for eighteen years and my wardrobe has changed little. There were times when leggings were appropriate either because of fashion or pregnancy but they are no longer an item I can imagine myself wearing, so jeans it is. The waist has risen and fallen; the leg has got wider and narrower; and they’ve moved from Levi to Gap, but they’re still jeans, and I wear them most of the time.
I have been out of work longer than I was in paid employment. Back in the day I wore a skirt suit (the boss didn’t like women in trousers) and high heels. As a military wife I found occasion to use my work wardrobe for various functions, but these ‘opportunities’ continue to dwindle. I have a rare one tomorrow evening when Husband and I will be supporting Eldest collecting her GCSE certificate at a ceremony in the Abbey. The invitation states that ‘this is a semi-formal occasion, so we would be grateful if you could dress accordingly’. The wardrobe may contain classics from my former life but sadly the 18 years have played havoc with my waistline making many items too uncomfortable. The newer items have been to weddings and dinner nights so are not what you might call ‘semi-formal’. I have already let Eldest down by accepting the invitation – apparently she didn’t plan to go – so I can’t afford for her to disapprove of my style of dress. I wonder if I could accessorise one of my LBDs?

And perhaps I’d better make a resolution after all: shall it be to lose weight, get fit or to revitalise my wardrobe?!


Sarah said...

I'd go for revitalising the wardrobe. The rest sound too tedious, and the sales are on...!

Happy New Year and I hope you enjoy the ceremony.

projectforty said...

I agree with Sarah - start revamping and revitalising the wardrobe. Have a great time tonight.

PS: Lady with LBD had 7 identical versions made. Am just going to tune into WH on iplayer.

hausfrau said...

Thanks both for your advice. I too prefer the shopping option as the other is just doomed to fail!
If she could have 7LBDs I clearly don't own enough pairs of jeans...