Thursday, 2 December 2010

Not technical

Our computer is playing up: it won’t upload photos and the internet access is getting slower and slower. Husband has bought a brand new one that is going to solve these issues. It also has a wireless option so that the girls’ computer will be internet enabled. Until now they have had to use the ‘family’ computer for access which meant we kept an eye of sorts on their use. But they are 16 and almost 14 and need regular access for homework never mind friends. It is time to let them take charge. Husband wants his study back now he has marking and lesson planning to do in the evenings. And I get this old one!


Why is there always a but? The two week old computer plays beautiful war games and uploads photos but so far has shown no inclination to access the internet, never mind set up a wireless system. So both computers are sat in the study, neither of them fully active, and my surfing distraction has been halted. Still, I’m making good progress with the Christmas shopping. A very good thing if the snow’s going to continue to make journeys difficult!


projectforty said...

pleased to see you over at mine...i've had great fun setting up our wireless's magic when it works but a pain until it at home with cold and snowdrivingphobia...
(I see the word verifier is 'omsicke' ha ha!)

Sarah said...

I'd be lost for Christmas shopping without the internet! I do almost all of it there now, the only thing I go and physically buy are glacé clementines for my mother from the Xmas market in town.