Thursday, 14 October 2010


Husband is enjoying learning to be a teacher. It’s all new and different to his previous life. He has even signed up to help with the Duke of Edinburgh award scheme after school. To help he will of course need to be trained and has duly to been signed up to go on a course to learn about camping and map reading. Clearly thirty years in the Army will not have trained him in the specific needs of teenagers.

Today it turns out there is further expense required for him to become a teacher: he has to go and take three obligatory tests to check that he is not only computer literate, but numerate and (ordinarily) literate. I know that qualifications are accused of being dumbed down, but really! He has both a Law degree and a Maths degree (and a Masters in Statistics we hope!). Still I guess they ought to check he can use a computer…

Obviously it will then be possible for his employers to say, should the need arise, “Well, he’s been trained so it can’t be our fault.”


Sarah said...

Seems a bit excessive and frankly insulting. I can understand it for foreign applicants but not for native graduates.

It shows no faith in their own educative process to start with! I would be furious if I had to do that.

I'm glad he's enjoying his training. Education needs good male teachers to counter the feminisation of teaching.

Previously (Very) Lost in France said...

I'm with Sarah. Very insulting. How on earth could he have got so far without computer skills. Mind you, my dear husband barely knows how to turn one on but then his business doesn't really require it. My children are lucky to have some excellent male teachers but there is definitely lots of room for more. Good luck to him.

hausfrau said...

I'll confess to being more annoyed at the waste of tax payers money than the possible insult to Husband who seems to think it's funny!