Tuesday, 23 March 2010


I am ridiculously excited watching little flower heads popping up all over the garden, buds budding on the trees and birds house hunting, but please could it stay warmer and stop raining? I can’t make a plan from one day to the next and, ‘though Youngest needs some room decoration (if only she could keep it tidy), the house always needs more tlc than I can be bothered with and I’m supposed to be making a prom dress, I’d rather be gardening.


countrymummy said...

i'd alternate the prom-dress with some light pruning...our place is infected with dustitis...am just bored with it now! Shall I spend 4 hours wiping it all with a cloth or doing something more interesting instead? No contest!

hausfrau said...

So that's what we've got: dustitis! Now that I know I'm sure someone will invent a cure, meanwhile I shall be sewing... keep being distracted into looking at other projects, even tried out my crochet hook yesterday. The things I will do to avoid real work!

Brown Dog said...

Oooh, prom dress time already? Don't they grow up quickly (although I have to say I'm glad I have a boy and hopefully he'll be happy with something from Oxfam). Totally agree with your sentiments about daffodils and warmth.