Thursday, 10 December 2009

Could it be perfect?

It’s that time of year when no matter how many things you get done there are always more things you could have done that you fear might be the difference between the Perfect Christmas and the OK variety. Why do we do it to ourselves? The family would no doubt be happier if their mother was less stressy; and, so long as there’s pizza and chocolate and presents, don’t much care what else is achieved.

I am in the throws of making the Christmas cards and have even written a few. (But I haven't cleaned the windows so there are shadows on my photo, in case you wondered.) Most presents are bought and some must be wrapped this weekend so they can be taken away by visitors attending Youngest’s birthday lunch on Sunday. This meal is the next on my list of to do’s and is slightly complicated by the wish to be gluten and dairy free for Great Friend to feel included. It’s not difficult, it just means I must think a bit harder about what to make or what not to add – Pavlova for instance can be produced in component parts so that only those who like cream need have some, and it’s one of Youngest’s favourite puddings… and it will use some of the excess of raspberries I have in the freezer courtesy of the allotment. (I had a plan to fill the freezer with meals for the holidays as instructed by all the magazines at this time of year, but had no room in it to do so even if I’d managed to be that organised!)
Less fuss, less stress should be my motto if I was even slightly sensible, instead I shall no doubt continue to rush about trying to get everything done. Better go and make another list.


Brown Dog said...

Oooh, Pavlova with allotment-grown raspberries? I can't think of anything nicer. You sound much more organised than me - most of my presents are still in my head (and some of them haven't quite got there yet). Whatever we do or don't do, I guess Christmas always happens somehow, and in my experience it's always pretty enjoyable.

PS I've got a window cleaner coming on Monday - do you want me to point him in your direction?

countrymummy said...

You sound more organised than I am. I have got to the point where I have put gifts in hiding places I can no longer remember. Very irritating. I have stuffed my cards into the tip top of the postbox outside the shop. One less job to do but then I didn't make mine....