Friday, 2 October 2009

That Pie

I'm afraid it was not a success! The Quorn and Mushroom Pie looked beautiful, but while Husband and I ate it with the resignation of people who had been brought up to eat whatever was put on our plates 'because children in Africa are starving' the girls pushed it around and barely made an impression. So the one made 'for real' in class yesterday is still sitting on the worktop while I summon the courage to abandon my principles and throw perfectly good food away - except it isn't. I don't know if I can re-freeze Quorn as I would meat now that it's cooked? Then I could serve it up to the next vegetarian who crosses my threshold - do they want to eat it any more than my family? I shan't be giving you the recipe.
Am very hopeful about some shortbread that is waiting to be baked having found a promising recipe at another hausfrau site (see my bloglist). It is all rolled out in its plastic bag chilled and ready for the next step. Have a vision of delighted children arriving home from school to find fresh home baking though I predict that one of them won't like it, and the other will devour the lot! There are a limited number of things I can make that they'll both eat as I've detailed before. Last weekend Youngest made Cornflake Chocolate Crispies and Eldest refused to eat them 'because Youngest made them' - although she didn't call her anything so friendly.
On a different note Husband has gone off to uni today after two days at home. At present the new life remains a rather fun novelty, though I suspect the need to provide lunch may take the shine off the whole thing. Lectures start properly next week so watch this space.


countrymummy said...

I'm back again! Am pleased to see 'that pie' and not very surprised to see that it didn't get a huge thumbs up. Love the photos...and am enjoying your blogroll, too. Maybe one day you'll let me put yours on mine.

LittleBrownDog said...

I'm ashamed to say, as a thwarted vegetarian (my husband refuses to countenance a meat-free life and I'm too lazy to cook three different meals every day), I'm rather partial to Quorn, which I find works well in stirfries and curries. It's lighter than meat, virtually fat free and not at all chewy. (And as if to prove a point, I've just taken a delivery from Michael Thomas whilst writing that sentence!)

I would go so far as to hazard a guess you could probably safely re-freeze it, but I wouldn't want to be responsible for an outbreak of food poisoning, so I think I'll sit on the fence on that one.

Love your pictures - tantalising glimpses of your world...