Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Soul time

Counting down to the Church Fete but still finding time for essential soul feeding:
a walk through a bluebell wood with friends

an amble in Dorset that found wild orchids

a march to Corfe Castle for a cream tea
Back home for essential revision (we hope she's doing some). Chair’s done, card and a couple of outfits next.

Sunday, 12 May 2013


I am of course busy with a chair, a sixties version of the fifties one I did recently. I think it may become a wedding present for Husband’s friend and godfather to Youngest. (A happy second marriage for both parties.) And today I was asked by an acquaintance to look at a chair with the prospect of my reupholstering it – though she’s only after a quote having already had one which she presumably considers too much!

I have put an advertisement in the parish mag offering two sewing workshops at the end of June with the view to starting classes in September. No idea if anyone will bite.

Eldest, a clever girl, has had two parcels delivered home this week that she needed in college. She promises to look at delivery addresses more carefully next time.
Youngest starts her GCSEs tomorrow with Religious Studies. I have no idea whether she’s done enough revision, questions from her parents result in much eye-rolling but little information.

Our hall is looking terrific but there is still decorating to do and the sewing room and girls’ room are overflowing with extraneous furniture, papers and donations to the church fĂȘte – which is still a month away!